Scott Bennett

ScottBennett_Headshot_webYour mom might shudder if you told her that, having just finished college, you were gonna move into your car and become a full-time climbing “dirtbag.” Scott’s mom certainly did. But dirtbag Scott did, all around the Western Hemisphere for the better part of his 20s, climbing anything that didn’t crumble in his hands (and plenty of stuff that did). And much to his mother’s surprise, he’s managed to make climbing his career, as a professional alpinist and expedition climber.

Beginning in Yosemite, Scott’s first passion was pure rock. El Capitan became a crag, the perfect venue for moving quickly and overcoming fear of exposure. From there, he began to hear tales of a wild southern land, with just as much granite, albeit with something called “Snow mushrooms.” It was in Argentine Patagonia that Scott really became an alpinist, first setting foot on a glacier and first going ground-up on virgin rock. Over the course of three seasons, he refined the raw strength and stoke of rock climbing into the cautious determination of a mountain climber.

With first ascents, from Alaska to the Waddington range, the Cascades to Patagonia, Scott has established himself as one of the most active alpinists of his generation. Last year, under the mentorship of veteran expedition climber Steve Swenson, Scott joined up with partner Graham Zimmerman for the pair’s first exploration of the Greater Ranges. Over two months in the Pakistani Karakoram, the team made the first ascent of 6500m Changi Tower, and established a beautiful new line of the Southwest ridge of K6 West, for that 7000m peak’s second ascent.

Come join Scott at the Portland Alpine festival as he shares many of the stories and techniques that he’s picked up over his “dirtbag alpinist” career!

Get to know Scott Bennett in this recent interview.

Festival Schedule

SOLD OUT! Nov. 16 (AM): Alpine Fast & Light at PRG
Nov. 16 (PM): Alpine Fast & Light at the MMC
Nov. 16 (Eve): Into the Karakoram at the MMC
SOLD OUT! Nov. 17 (Eve): Intro to Ice/Mixed Climbing at the MMC
Nov. 18 (AM): Big Wall Techniques at PRG