Additional Speakers & Instructors

Alex Borsuk: Performance Nutrition: Eating Your Way to Better Climbing (Nov. 17)
Brian Donnelly: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash (Nov. 16)
Brad Farra: Training for Alpine Climbing (Nov. 17)
Willie McBride: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash (Nov. 16)
Katie Mills: Inquisition of the Arrigetch (Nov. 15)
Nick Pappas: Inquisition of the Arrigetch (Nov. 15)
Christof Teuscher: Fail Often to Succeed Sooner (Nov. 18)
Paul Taylor: Seminars—Merging the New School with the Old School & Pre-rigging, Extensions, Back-ups, and Improvised Devices (Nov. 15 & 16)
Nick Triolo: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash (Nov. 16)
Todd Torres: Inquisition of the Arrigetch (Nov. 15)

Alex Borsuk, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian
alex_borsuk_2Alex Borsuk is a Registered Dietitian who brings her nutrition expertise and passion for healthy food to Evolution Healthcare and Fitness. She began her professional career as a supermarket dietitian, where she created a brand new, comprehensive wellness program centered around wholesome, heathy eating. Alex also worked for a natural probiotic company as their resident dietitian where she focused on growing the brand by providing education on gut health and digestion. She has helped create recipes and nutrition material for national media, such as The Today Show, and has written for numerous national publications.

Alex grew up in Cleveland Ohio and attended Ohio University where she graduated with a B.S. in Nutrition. She then attended The Ohio State University where she graduated with a M.S. in Clinical Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship. Her goal as a dietitian is to help individuals use proper, wholesome nutrition to take them to the next level in both their daily lives and athletic pursuits. When she’s not working, Alex spends most of her time in the mountains rock climbing, mountaineering, and training for ultramarathons.
Nov. 18 (Mid-day): Performance Nutrition: Eating Your Way to Better Climbing

Brian Donnelly

Brian DonnellyBrian Donnellyis a writer, musician and ultra runner from Portland, Oregon. As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, he’s an accomplished climber, whitewater kayaker, nordic skier, fast packer, and runner. He currently holds the record for the fastest known time on the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail (7d, 22h, 37m), which he set in 2013, and is the co-record holder for the fastest unsupported run of the Wonderland trail in Washington (25h, 48m). More info at: Instagram: @brianthedonnelly.
Nov. 16: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash

Dr. Brad Farra D.C., CCSP, CSCS

brad final2Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Dr. Farra started into practice in 2008 after graduating summa cum laude from Western States Chiropractic College. Dr. Farra grew up in the Portland area and spent 6 years in the US Navy as a helicopter rescue swimmer and EMT. With an evidence based approach and a focus on rehab, Dr. Farra strives to get his patients better as quickly as possible. Dr. Farra is certified as both a chiropractic sports physician and a strength and conditioning specialist. He uses a wide range of treatment tools that include class 4 therapeutic laser, graston technique, soft tissue manipulation, rehab, nutrition, and others. Dr. Farra provides expert guidance in both injury recovery and prevention strategies. He will work with your trainer or coach to make sure that your training program will allow you to recover optimally and prevent future injury. Patient education has always been a focus for Dr. Farra, helping you understand your injury and minimizing chance for re-injury. In his free time, Dr. Farra enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, running, triathlon, mountain biking, and skiing.
Nov. 18 (AM): Training for Alpine Climbing

Willie McBride

Willie McBrideWillie McBride is a Portland, Oregon based ultra runner, climber, and ski mountaineer, as well as co-owner/founder, coach and guide at Wy’east Wolfpack. He loves writing about and sharing his outdoor experiences and enthusiasm with others and is a very proud ambassador for local Portland businesses: Trail Butter, Territory Run Co., and the Mountain Shop. Catch up with him at a Thursday group run to hear what adventures he’s scheming next!
Nov. 16: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash

Katie Mills

Katie Mills will always be a peak bagger at heart. Being in the midst of the beautiful rugged alpine with not another soul around is her favorite thing in the world. She took BCEP in 2006 and started her climbing career on scrambles and glaciated peaks with the Mazamas, hiking to the summit of mountains and dubbing rock climbing as “too scary” and having no desire to partake in it. But then she climbed all the mountains by their nontechnical routes and there was nothing left to do, so she had to start rock climbing. Last year she enjoyed trips in the Bugaboos, on the Diamond of Long’s Peak, Indian Creek, and Yosemite. But learning to rock climb was not enough. She then realized there were big spectacular mountains to climb in Alaska, but she needed to know how to ice climb!! She began venturing far away to locales such as Ouray, Canmore, and Cody to hone her ice skills on frozen waterfalls and climbing alpine ice routes closer to home such as Liberty Ridge on Mt Rainier and the North Face of Mt Hood. Katie fondly remembers the old days when there used to be an off season, now the off season consists of the week between rock climbing in Red Rock for Thanksgiving and hitting up the Bozeman Ice Fest the weekend after. Katie enjoys downtime resting in her office as a mechanical engineer designing trains. Her other hobby is partying.
Nov. 15: Inquisition of the Arrigetch

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a Portland based lead guide/instructor for Kaf Adventures, where he also serves as the Oregon Program Director. Over the course of his 14-year career, he has worked as an instructor, facilitator, guide, and guide trainer for numerous outdoor education companies and guide services across the United States. His deep love of wild places kafand a passion for teaching have been a driving force in his professional and personal pursuits. His early adventures were focused on primitive living skills and long distance hiking, where he has racked up over 10,000 miles of trail-time, including thru-hikes of the AT, PCT, and many other trails. More recently, he moved to Portland with his wife, Claire, in the fall of 2013, where his attention has been focused on teaching and guiding in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and the Cascade Range. He is an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor, AMGA Alpine Apprentice, EMT-B, WFR, LNT Master Educator, and is AIARE level 2 certified. When he’s not teaching or working, he enjoys trail running, mountaineering, ice climbing, reading, and traveling with his wife.
Seminars: Navigation for Climbers: Merging the New School with the Old School & Rappelling: Pre-rigging, Extensions, Back-ups, and Improvised Devices.

Todd Torres

ToddTorresTodd Torres discovered climbing on the basalt cracks in the tiny park of Skinners Butte in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon where he taught himself how to trad climb. Moving to Portland 12 years ago deposited him close to the Carver Bridge Cliffs so he began bouldering . Dynamic, powerful movements are his forte! Upon meeting fellow climbers his world expanded into all aspects of climbing, including mountains and Smith Rock. Then he found what truly called to him….the mating of alpine suffering and multi-pitch rock in the wonderful sport known as big wall climbing. It’s here that Todd found his passion for logistical nightmares and adventures into the unknown that have since helped him progress as a climber and as a person. He has made multiple trips to Yosemite, land of the big wall, and has multiple ascents of Washington Column as well as many adventures on most faces of El Capitan. He prides himself in his aid climbing skills and has led A3+. He also found he has a natural talent for mixed climbing, winning the Portland Alpine Fest mixed climbing competition last year. Todd’s favorite way to end a great day of climbing is with a great evening of star gazing with his beloved telescope.
Nov. 15: Inquisition of the Arrigetch

Nick Triolo

nicktrioloNick Triolo is a writer, mountain runner, and activist living in Missoula, Montana. He holds a M.S. in Environmental Studies (Writing Focus). Nick’s writing has been featured in Orion Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine,, Whitefish Review, Clackamas Review, and others. As an ultrarunner, he won the Oregon Trail Series in 2011, ran sub-19 hours at the Western States 100 Endurance Run, and is currently an ambassador for Territory Run Co. In 2014, he directed “The Crossing,” a documentary about a protest he coordinated against open-pit gold mining in Baja, Mexico. Learn more: The Jasmine Dialogues Blog.
Nov. 16: True Motivation: Fast-packing the Cordillera Huayhuash

Christof Teuscher

ChristofBorn and raised in the middle of the Swiss alps, Christof Teuscher immigrated to the US in 2004. Starting at a tender age, his parents educated him to become a keen and nimble outdoorsman of many trades. Anecdotal evidence says that he skied before he walked. Windsurfing, mountaineering, hiking, and mountain biking remained his main means of transportation until his hair started to turn grey. Unexpected to most, including himself, he started running trails in 2013 and soon thereafter discovered that ultra long distance running is a thing that one can become pretty good at, even as a middle-aged man. When he’s not outdoors, redefining his physical and mental limits, he redefines the limits and capabilities of computers as an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State University. You can read his blog at
Learn more about Christof from this KGW article and video posted on 9/16/2016
Nov. 18: Fail Often to Succeed Sooner