Clinics & Seminars

This is our 2016 Clinic List. Look for the 2017 Clinic List in August 2017.

Clinic: The Art of Letting Go
Join Sasha DiGiulian at the Portland Rock Gym as she shares her expansive knowledge of climbing to teaches you the techniques to perfect your falls.
Nov. 19 (AM): Sasha DiGiulian  (FULL)

Clinic: Advanced Techniques for Moving Fast on 5th-class terrain
This clinic is designed for climbers with at least some experience on multi-pitch 5th-class climbs, who are interested in learning to climb faster while maintaining safety. Topics will include simul-climbing techniques, leading in blocks, advanced rappelling techniques, rope systems, etc.
Nov. 18 (AM): Colin Haley (FULL)

Clinic: Beyond Waterfalls
This clinic is designed for climbers with at least some experience in moderate mountaineering, and ideally also some experience in ice climbing. Topics will include moving efficiently with crampons and ice axes on the wide variety of snow, ice, and mixed terrain encountered while alpine climbing.
Nov. 18 (PM): Colin Haley (FULL)

Clinic: Intro to Ice/Mixed Climbing
Are you completely new to climbing? Or are you a rock or gym climber but have never swung an ice axe? Have you ice climbed before but would like to be know the secrets to efficient movement? Are you intrigued by moving up rock using tools instead of your hands? Then this basics clinic is for you! You will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of ice and mixed climbing. You will have access to a variety of tool types and learn techniques to use them.
Nov. 16 (AM): John Frieh(FULL)
Nov. 17 (PM): Angela VanWiemeersch (FULL)
Nov. 17 (Eve): Scott Bennett (FULL)

Clinic: Crack Climbing Techniques
Are you a sport climber who would like to venture into traditional terrain but the cracks get in the way? Are you a traditional climber that would like to add new skills to their arsenal and/or improve efficiency? Or would you like to try out crack climbing for the first time? This clinic will teach the most important movement in traditional climbing. A hint on a few of the skills to be covered: varying hand/finger techniques, how to jam without pain, new footwork concepts, and tricks for efficiency.
Nov. 17 (AM): Angela VanWiemeersch (FULL)
Nov. 18 (PM): Angela VanWiemeersch (FULL)

Clinic: Efficient Movement on Ice & Rock
Build confidence to overcome mental obstacles and learn to climb like a master with minimal energy expended. Learn proper balance and body positioning, and practice these efficient movement skills with the guidance of veteran climber, Angela VanWiemeersch.
Nov. 18 (AM): Angela VanWiemeersch (FULL)

Clinic: Big Wall Techniques
There’s nothing more exciting, or daunting, in rock climbing than standing below a huge steep bigwall. Forging your way up this massive cliff will require every technique you’ve gained at the crags, but the scope of the climb will pile on layers of difficulties never encountered on shorter routes. The reward, though, is commensurately greater! In this clinic, veteran all-around climber Scott Bennett will get you thinking about why and how you might want to venture into this vertical ocean, and what skills you’ll need to navigate it.
Nov. 18 (AM): Scott Bennett

Clinic: Alpine Fast & Light
Do you aspire to bigger and more involved objectives? Would you like to simplify and master the ropework and rigging of multipitch anchors? In this clinic Scott will cover some strategies for approaching longer routes with confidence and moving quickly. Working through the basics of rope management and faster belay change-overs, and then discussing more advanced techniques such as simulclimbing and short fixing. Whether on rock, ice or snow, we’ll learn how to cover more ground and move with the efficiency of a pro.
Nov. 16 (AM): Scott Bennett (FULL)
Nov. 16 (PM): Scott Bennett (Full)

Clinic: Training for Alpine Climbing
This 3 hour clinic will include a lecture as well as a significant component of hands-on demonstrations and practice geared at preparing anyone to take on the unique challenges of alpine climbing. The lecture will describe the reasoning behind programming to meet alpine climbing goals and the demonstrations will allow attendees to practice and perfect a series of movements that are critical to alpine climbing success regardless of your experience level or goals. Evidence based topics will include strength, endurance, sport specific aspects of training, rest, recovery, and periodization.
Nov. 17 (AM): Brad Farra

Seminar: Ski Mountaineering: Mixing Skis with Ice Axes
A seminar for mountaineers and ice climbers who are interested in using skis to more easily approach winter climbs or climbs in Alaska, or simply skiing down mountains after ascending by climbing routes.
Nov. 19 (PM): Colin Haley (Full)

Seminar: Training For Weekend Warriors
In this seminar John will introduce and discuss training concepts that if applied will allow for great personal success in climbing without having to quit your job and live out of your car. This seminar will be primarily focused on training for Alpine climbing of the snow and ice type, but is also applicable to Alpine rock climbing.
Nov. 16 (PM): John Frieh

Seminar: Performance Nutrition: Eating your Way to Better Climbing
Endurance sports such as climbing, mountaineering, and trail running have high requirements for energy. Come learn about how your normal diet differs from an active diet, such as calorie and macronutrient requirements, fueling properly while in the mountains, what to eat to recover, hydration, the importance of electrolytes, and some meal ideas.
Nov. 17 (Lunch Hour): Alex Borsuk